Thursday, May 31

2012 Steam Showers

In the past 10 years the modern bathroom industry has become one of the most dynamic industries in the home and garden niche.  Other than the home automation circuit some of biggest advances have been in the bathroom remodeling industry.  Back at the turn of the century or a whopping 12 years ago luxury showers would easily cost you over $10-$20K. Today luxury shower systems can be purchased for the same amount as standard shower fixtures.  Companies like Fresca Bath and Ariel Steam showers have made leaps and bounds bringing affordable luxury to the average home owner.

Fresca  is a modern sanitary ware manufacturer the specializes in modern style bathroom appliances.  Their wide selection of bathroom vanities have quickly gained popularity among the elite interior design crowd and are often featured on HGTV and other home improvement channels.  Fresca's biggest gift to consumers is the huge selection of luxury shower panels.  Coming in a wide variety of styles and finishes these all in one shower kits can be installed in under an hour by the average homeowner transforming their bathroom into a private health spa.

Ariel Steam showers have also revolutionized the bathroom remodeling industry with their line of high end shower enclosures.  Costing between $2,500- $5000 these enclosures come with their own built in steam generator and control panel not to mention more features than you can shake a stick at including Chroma therapy lighting, body jets, large overhead rainfall fixtures, FM radios, Sound systems and much, much more.  These kits can be installed by an average homeowner in as little as 3 hours.  They utilize all existing plumbing and drainage lines which drastically cuts down on the final installation cost.  With the help of a licensed electrician one can easily install these amazing free standing bathroom fixtures.

If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom within the next year or two consider some of the new modern luxury bathroom appliances that are now available.  Unfortunately the big box stores are still a decade behind the rest of the world so you won't have much luck getting these amazing products locally.  For the time being you can only purchase them online from wholesale retail outlets like who have been able to brand the Ariel products under the name Oasis.  Companies like have revolutionized the way many of us think of home remodeling projects, you can have everything you need for your project delivered to your home in a week with full technical service